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Host Organizer

Cyherbia Botanical Park LTD is the Host Organization of the project. Cyherbia Botanical Park was created in 2004 and opened its gates to the public in 2012. Cyherbia’s operations are based on three economic pillars: tourism - education - production of products. The herbal cosmetics of Cyherbia currently comprise of a product range of medicinal facial cremes, liquid soaps, and shampoos all made using natural ingredients. Cyherbia also produces organic essential oils as well as organic herbal teas. All products are available to park visitors as well as local & overseas clients on the internet. The botanical park has an area of 2 hectares and consists of 9 themed botanical gardens, a labyrinth, a forest that forms the map of Cyprus, a lavender path, essential oil distillery, a café and shop with herbal products of cyherbia production. The park is a popular tourist destination with great traffic especially from foreign tourists. On-site training programs for pupils at all levels, approved by the Ministry of Education, are offered and many schools visit the park, both from Cyprus and abroad. Many events, festivals, lectures and workshops are organized in the park with great success. The involvement of Cyherbia in the proposed project fits perfectly to its profile and gives it the opportunity of developing an innovative and new natural soap product that will complement its product range. 



Participating Organization

Frederick Research Center (FRC) is the first participating organizations of the project and a leading research non-profit organization in Cyprus. It was established in 1997 and it engages highly qualified academic/research staff with long experience in implementing independent and high caliber research and with rich publications record in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Numerous R&D projects (~ 80 externally funded national and EU projects) have been carried out through FRC and part of their results have been presented in international scientific conferences, contributing to the dissemination and technology transfer. FRC has been involved in R&D projects relevant to Applied Sciences and Engineering, Environment, Health Sciences, Education, Management & Economics and Social Sciences. Also, for the purposes of the project, access to the Nature Conservation Unit (NCU) will be provided. The NCU was established in 2005 and it specializes on biodiversity conservation, environmental education and natural resources management in Cyprus. More specifically, the unit focuses on the study, monitoring, management and conservation of flora, fauna and habitats of Cyprus and conservation and management of ecologically important areas of the island. The scientific personnel of the unit were actively involved in several biodiversity conservation projects, including the LIFE Projects for the inventory, identification, evaluation and mapping of the habitat types of flora and fauna species in Cyprus and Greece.

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Participating Organization

State General Laboratory (SGL) is the second participating organization of the project. The SGL is one of the five independent Departments of the Ministry of Health and its wide scope of responsibilities is covered under 21 specialized laboratories (accredited according to the European Standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017) and 5 Units. The technical capacity of the SGL is based on the expertise of the staff, long experience and skills for a vast number of methodologies using several robust analytical infrastructure. Research is an important pillar for the continuous scientific and technological development of the SGL and is carried out primarily with EU funds but also with national funds from the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Ministry of Health. The results of these research activities are presented in European Conferences/Workshops, published in international well-established scientific journals, as well as in the SGL's website and in the local press for keeping updated both the scientific community and the public.

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